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Touching the sex doll, how does it feel?

Realistic sex doll made from the right TPE material is wiggly and natural feeling when touched. It is soft, moves like the real body part of humans and shakes nicely. Take a look from this instructional video.


Sex doll penetration holes:

Realistic Sex Doll holes are textured from inside to feel as good as they possibly can. These textures look small bumps in the silicone when taken a closer look. This makes it feel like the real deal and natural and makes the whole experience pleasurable.


Movable joints:

How to move sex doll skeleton to your favorite position? This video shows simply how easy it is to move your sex doll body parts to the direction you want. The joints are a bit stiff in the beginning and also later on, as they are designed to hold the position when the sex doll is in the action. They would not hold if they are too loose. They need to hold the dolls' weight and little extra when it is used.

Sounds and moaning:

Sex doll sounds are a nice addon to the experience. It makes noises through small speaker in the back of the doll when touched or put in the action and the doll shakes. This voice can also be turned off if you don't want to listen to that. It can be done just by pulling the small speaker out from the doll, set the button on/off and putting it back to its place.


Full body heating system

Sex doll heating system can heat your sex doll for more realistic temperatures for a more pleasurable experience. Joy Love Doll sex doll full body heating system is super easy to use. Just plug it in and let your doll warm up until it is your favored, around 37 degrees. Heater works with normal household electric plugin.

TPE Sex Doll is made from TPE (Thermoplastic Elastomer) – which is a new type of odorless silicone that feels like real human skin and handles heat well.


Note: Even if TPE handles warming up well, don’t leave your sex doll for heating for hours, it may damage the doll. And never have sex with your doll while it is attached to cable electric but plug it out before that.


Cleaning your doll and keeping it in good condition:

This video shows how to simply clean fixed sex doll vagina with a vaginal irrigator or small water pump. You just fill the pump with water/soapy water, put the water pump inside the doll vagina and pump all the body fluids out. After that dry gently.